December 31, 2012

Bobby Dekeyser talks Gina Gershon (2012-11-12)

Bobby Kaiser and Gina Gershon attend Edun Spring 2013 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week
at Skylight Studios at Moynihan Station on September 8, 2012 in New York City.

Profile in Style | Bobby Dekeyser (November 12, 2012) T Magazine

“I’m trying to discover more and more of America,” says Bobby Dekeyser, the Belgian founder of the outdoor furniture company Dedon, who recently moved to New York. “Really looking forward to Nashville. Definitely want to see Wyoming.” Dekeyser may be based here (in an apartment in Chelsea that he shares with his girlfriend, the actress Gina Gershon), but he’s constantly traveling: to the Philippines, where his wares are manufactured and where he recently opened Dedon Island Resort, on the island of Siargao; to Geneva, home to his philanthropic Dekeyser & Friends Foundation; and to Ibiza, where his summer house is like a “small hotel” for family and friends.

Villas at Dedon Island Resort in the Philippines.

“We’re modern gypsies, both of us,” Bobby Dekeyser says about himself and Gershon. “I don’t have an office anywhere in the world. I don’t like houses. My plane is my house. My home is people.”

The globe was a gift from Gershon when they moved into their new apartment — ‘‘I see this and I want to fly somewhere,’’ he says. She got him the antique binoculars for his birthday (he always forgets to bring a pair when he goes up in his hot-air balloon).

A beaded head he and girlfriend Gina Gershon recently found in Marrakesh.

Carolin Dekeyser, Bobby Dekeyser and Gina Gershon attend the Charlotte Ronson Fall 2012
After Party at 1 Oak on February 10, 2012 in New York City.

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